Kona Cafe Polynesian Dinner

Kona Cafe Polynesian Dinner

Here we had the worst service of our trip. We checked in at 5pm and then they forgot us. At 5:30 we went back and they said “whoops, sorry!”.
That was just the beginning…All through dinner, the service was awful. Slow, rude, unprofessional. This was NOT what I expected from the
Kona at the Poly! I am hoping we just caught them on an off night (I had heard so many wonderful reviews, that I think this must be the case!)
. The chef we worked with was not anywhere near as creative or helpful as any other chef we talked to on Disney property. He basically brought
us the bare bones. I asked for rolls, and we get a basket of them with nothing to put on them. The salad is torn down to just lettuce, the chicken, while it looks delicious, was terribly dry and bland. The only good thing was the side salad with dinner (on the plate below) and the non dairy ice cream for dessert!

There was one other good thing, my daughter liked her rice noodles. She didn’t like her chicken, and she didn’t eat anything other than the noodles, but at least she liked them!

There is my dish. The side salad with almonds was very good. The chicken was just dry as a bone.

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