Crystal Palace Breakfast

Crystal Palace Breakfast

I know, it is the same ol’ same ol’ from us, but we can’t help it.  We love the food at Crystal Palace and we love the experience of dining at Magic Kingdom before park opening! It was the same wonderful attention, help, and food as always.  I still recommend it.  You can see our gluten free dairy free pancakes and safe items from the buffet, here.

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We always love Crystal Palace breakfast before park opening. It has been a family favorite, but this time some favorites have changed. The potatoes that we loved are a different variety with onions and peppers and less overall seasoning. The eggs that used to be gluten free and dairy free are no longer dairy free, so we ordered side of dairy free eggs. The last two times we were here, the whipped cream on the buffet was dairy free, but it was not this time. So, while the available options were still good, some of our favorites were not as good. Our chef did not offer to make pancakes or waffles, and instead, he encouraged us to eat a muffin. Upon asking for gluten free pancakes, however, he was happy to oblige. So, be sure to ask if there is something you were hoping for! Often the chef can accommodate.

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