Rose and Crown Epcot Dinner

Rose and Crown Epcot Dinner

We wanted to try something new, so we booked a dinner here.  They did a very good job catering to our allergen needs, however we were not excited about the food.  The new bread rolls are sweeter and softer than the old style.

The Indian food chicken dish tasted like a frozen version of Indian food, and not very good in comparison when any I’ve ever ordered at an actual Indian Food restaurant.

My daughter didn’t eat her cottage pie, after only a bite.  She said it wasn’t very good.  I do make cottage pie, at home, and she loves that.  I am not sure what went wrong?
The Dessert, pictured, is gluten free, but not dairy free.  They did not have anything creative for a gluten free AND dairy free dessert, save rice dream ice cream…plain.  I can’t say it’s a repeat for us, though if you think those menu items sound good to YOU, then give it a try!  It was nice to have so many options for the entree.


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