Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest

 Well, we braved the pre order option and used the filters to choose our Wheat Free Dairy free foods. We found out that if you do this, a chef will not be offered. They will just let you seat yourself and your food comes out. We were OK with this, but if you don’t think you’ll like that option, then you probably shouldn’t pre-order. We found the system a little confusing because no one explained how it would work (no one said, go get a drink, or we’ll find you, or you’ve already paid).  But I was able to ask a very friendly cast member and we figured it out.

My husband was not excited about the system of ordering and he was already determined to dislike the meal. To his surprise it was his favorite of the trip. My daughter agreed that the pork roast was delicious! She absolutely loved her lunch and she proclaimed the green beans and potatoes were also very tasty.  I chose the quinoa cake and salad, because I knew I would want a lighter lunch option.  It was also quite good, but I only ate about half of it after such a huge breakfast. I was grateful I ordered light. The quinoa cake was well seasoned and the beat cubes on top were delightful. The olives chopped into the salad greens were a nice touch.

Now, my daughter has always wanted to try a French Onion Soup, but we have never found one gluten free and dairy free. When you order the soup with the wheat filter, it gives you the option to eat the French Onion Soup without the bread crumb and cheese topping. This was confirmed on our receipt, so when I saw all the cheese, I sent it back. They brought out a second batch without any cheese and they explained that they did make it gluten free, but they left the safe cheese on for my daughter.  It was not clearly labeled this way in ordering, so that was a bit confusing, and she ended up eating the cheese free version (which her tummy appreciated). She loved it, and she was so happy to have tried French Onion Soup, at last.

 The soup and entree were the stars of the show. My daughter was disappointed with the gluten free cream puff.  She said the dough was very hard (rock like) and that the lemon filling was incredibly tart, which she did not enjoy. As it turns out, a scoop of rice dream would have been a better choice for her, but it was fun to try something new.  I ordered the only dairy free option I could find, which was a sorbet. I chose the lemon sorbet, but it was bitterly tart. I ate a little, but left the rest behind. While Be Our Guest has mastered the lunch entrees, they have a room for improvement in the world of gluten free dairy free dessert offerings. We are still disappointed that the French Meadow Bakery items are no longer offered on property, or the babycakes (Erin McKenna)  in a restaurant like this. I did ask, via email, the Special Diet department if there were any other options for us, but they did not get back with an answer. So, this is what it is. We didn’t walk away hungry and we had a wonderful, and quick, lunch experience.

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