Maya Grill Coronado Springs Resort Dinner

Maya Grill Coronado Springs Resort Dinner

As I mention below, we were happy to find that the restaurants at Coronado Springs Resort have improved, dramatically, from prior years when it comes to gluten free dairy free food options. We went to the Maya Grill for dinner, and we could easily look at the large menu in front of the restaurant to see what our gluten free choices were, as they were properly labeled.  For some reason, they were not labeled on the restaurant menus, so it was helpful for us to look before going in. Removing dairy is not difficult, so I ordered the Airliner chicken with steamed broccoli and rice on the side.  It was delicious! I don’t know how they made that chicken so yummy, but I just loved this meal. I intentionally ordered as safely as possible to avoid any stomach trouble and my tummy was just fine. I am so happy

we had gluten free dairy free options, AND even happier that they were so yummy!

My daughter ordered a steak, rice, corn, guacamole dish that did include cheese.  This is a lot of dairy for her stomach, but she felt good to order it after a day of eating no dairy, otherwise. I would order without the cheese. They brought her corn shells and she loved

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