The Plaza Dinner

The Plaza Dinner

Our first ever visit to the Plaza on Main Street started off with a bit of frustration. The staff who handled check in that day

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didn’t seem well trained as to what they were doing and there was an excessive amount of confusion. This was unlike what we were used to experiencing at Disney, so we were hesitant, going in. Once chef Ken came out to talk to us, however, all was right with the world. Chef Ken was a charming and helpful cast member who chatted with everyone at the table and discussed how he could make us safe and delicious foods at The Plaza. He even shared some tips he has developed for making gluten free breads taste like normal bread. He was really great. I can’t say enough good things about him.

For our lunch, I opted for the vegetarian sandwich, but because of my dairy allergy, I couldn’t eat all of the main ingredients, so he added some avocado and roasted the veggies, lightly. This was made very well and it’s a nice vegetarian gluten free dairy free option, though not my favorite flavor combination. The fries are made in a dedicated fryer and this restaurant can do a variety of dairy free ice cream options and brownie options. My daughter had a burger with fries and house made chips. She said it was pretty good, but not her favorite burger ever. Chef Ken mastered the gluten free bread, and that was so delicious! If you go to the plaza, I hope you get a chance to meet the chef. He was the real highlight of The Plaza.

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