Saratoga Springs Resort Artist Palate Breakfast

Saratoga Springs Resort Artist Palate Breakfast

While staying at the SSR (Saratoga Springs Resort) we stopped in for breakfast with the counter service meal plan at Walt Disney World. For the first meal, I ordered from the low allergen menu, the Bounty Platter without dairy or gluten.

Allergen Menu Artist Palate Saratoga Springs Resort Disney

I noticed on this trip that rather than have a chef come out at each meal, Disney has prepared menus for allergies at the restaurants and they like to have the server help guide you through the menu and offer the chef only if needed. So, I only saw a chef once on this trip, which is very different than previous trips. There are pluses and minuses to this change, which I’ll go into later, but for now, the breakfast…

The Bounty Platter had eggs, bacon, sausage, and Mickey Waffles! I was pretty excited to try it. The results…the eggs were delicious, but hit and miss each day. The sausage was also delicious. I didn’t eat the bacon, but it looked fine. The waffles, however, were a major disappointment. Now, I have been cooking gluten free dairy free for 10+ years and I can make a half dozen different recipes of waffles that are better than these!? I don’t get it?! The inside has the bizarre texture that is somehow elastic and raw like all at the same time. Gross. I passed on these. My teen ate them, smothered in syrup, and didn’t seem to mind, but I prefer a closer to waffle texture, so that was the last time I ordered those.

gluten free dairy free snacks

When using the dining plan, you have a meal and a snack included. The store had plenty of gluten free dairy free snacks available, as you can see here.  BUT this is where I get grumpy again. All the brownies and cookies have dairy! In 2007-2009, Disney provided French Meadow Bakery cookies and brownies that were gluten AND dairy free. Before that, they had some products that were both gluten and dairy free by Divvie’s. Now, if you are unfortunate enough to have a gluten AND dairy allergy…you get Enjoy Life Foods. Blah. The most blah of all gluten free dairy free options. I’m glad they exist, but they are so boring!!! I can bake SO much better at home, and there are so many other companies out there that do much better as well. Considering the AMAZING desserts my group ate all week, I was disappointed with my ongoing deluge of Enjoy Life Food cookies, overly sweet chocolates, and toffuti/rice dream.  The allergies ARE an important part of why we traveled to Disney in the first place, so I hope they can turn that around a little bit, moving forward. Still, you can see they had the usual chips, popcorns, food bars, plus granolas, nuts, and fruits. You won’t go hungry!

disney flourless chocolate cakeNow my kid, who is not allergic to dairy, got an omelette with seasoned potatoes and a flourless chocolate cake as her snack side item. Um, that looks a LOT better than an enjoy life food cookie (grumble grumble). It was a much loved dessert for breakfast and the rest of the breakfast food was considered good and as expected. All in all, we enjoyed the ease of ordering and quick service here. The staff at the registers were all very helpful and friendly in explaining how the Disney dining plan worked, as well. I recommend it!

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  • Hello,

    A fellow DF/gf person here. Just to let you know that WDW sausages contain casienate which doesn’t have to be listed as a milk product despite affecting a lot of people whom can’t take lactose



    • Thank you, Bob! They didn’t tell me that, so it’s great that you dug deeper. Thankfully it didn’t make me sick, though I took enzymes at each meal to be on the safe side. Good info!

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