Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano Gluten Free Dairy Free Dinner

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano Gluten Free Dairy Free Dinner

To begin our first meal at Mama Melrose, the server brought us a low allergen meal. This is the new trend to avoid bringing the chef to the table each time, and for this meal it worked out smoothly. There were options we could enjoy without requiring complicated customization, so we ordered from the low allergen menu at the same time as the rest of our group.  The low allergen menu has the dessert options listed, but not the drinks, so that was always little scramble while we figured out what fun beverages we wanted at the start.

Our server brought us gluten free rolls while the rest of the party received bread. We were served our own olive oil and herb mix without the cheese. This was very nice, as it is often overlooked. The bread was nothing exciting. It was not warm, it was not particularly good nor was the texture appealing. I am not sure what brand this is, but if I had to guess, I would say EnerG? Now, years back, Disney used to carry French Meadow Bakery Italian Rolls and those were by far the best gluten free dairy free bread rolls I have ever tasted! I would love it if they would bring back an option like that. Even Canyon Bakehouse has a better roll! This is not exciting and got left on the table. My daughter can eat dairy so she had a caprese salad, which was fine. Nothing noteworthy. It was 1 slice smaller than the server described, so she received 3 slices of tomatoes instead of 4. Not much of an appetizer to share.

The dinner was very good. I had a gluten free noodle dish with shrimp and veggies, and I requested just an olive oil sauce rather than the suggested marinara. It was very good and I quite enjoyed it!

My daughter ordered the steak with potatoes and veggies and she also enjoyed her dish. No rave reviews, but she said it was good.

We were on the dining plan, so although everyone was pretty full, we ordered dessert. Look at this beautiful gluten free option that works for those who can eat dairy! And notice that cup of plain Toffutti in the front of the second picture? That is how they do ALL dairy free gluten free desserts in Disney World these days. The most exciting offering I get is a choice between vanilla or chocolate dairy free ice cream. No syrup, no toppings, just plain. Sometimes the only option was  a cup of fruit. This is a pretty big step back from what Disney used to offer the dairy free crowd. We had wonderful gluten free dairy free brownies from French Meadow and their giant delicious cookies! Some chefs would bake Bob Red Mill brownies as well, such as Crystal Palace. And many chefs would warm the pre packaged brownies before serving and top with some syrups or decorations. This is so plain and it lacks the attention or effort that previous options entailed. Still, I like Tofutti and I had at least 1 option here, so that was a bonus.

Overall, this is a good choice for the gluten free dairy free crowd.

Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano gluten free dinner

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