Jungle Skipper Canteen Lunch Gluten Free Dairy Free

Jungle Skipper Canteen Lunch Gluten Free Dairy Free

Jungle Skipper Canteen Lunch Gluten free dairy free Jungle Skipper Canteen Lunch Gluten free dairy free

To start with, this restaurant was a hidden gem…literally! It is tucked back out of a busy pathway and easy to miss, but once inside, I was so surprised to find out this restaurant was pretty huge, beautifully themed, and half empty during the busy Thanksgiving week!!!

Our host was funny and he got us all laughing right off the bat. We had just finished up our Jungle Cruise adventure before coming to lunch, and we didn’t know the restaurant theme was tied to the ride theme, so that was a cute surprise. When our server came, she explained the low allergen menu and, again, did not suggest a chef to come to the table. She did warn us that there was a confusing component to the menu. They say “For gluten, For Milk, For Peanut” meaning that it is safe to eat if you have those allergies. That could read the opposite, so it was good that she pointed it out to us.Jungle Skipper Canteen Lunch Gluten free dairy free

I pretty much never, ever, EVER eat fried chicken with my gluten and dairy allergy combination, so this menu item was a fun thing to try. I also ordered a salad, and I’m glad I did because the veggies served with this large piece of chicken were sparse.

The star of this meal was the beautiful sauce under the chicken. When coupled with each bite, it made a sweet, spicy, lovely mix. I truly enjoyed it. The salad was nothing to write home about. It may look like there is cheese on it, but that is a radish or carrot or other mystery veggie. The disappointment for me was that they brought the salad with my meal. I would have preferred it before hand, otherwise it was fine.

Jungle Skipper Canteen Lunch Gluten free dairy free Jungle Skipper Canteen Lunch Gluten free dairy free

My Eldest ordered the steak dish, which also looked sounded good. It looks like it needs more vegetables, as well, from this photo, but I was told it tasted good, so that is a win. The service was slow, here, and our meal did stretch out for quite some time. Additionally, I have to comment on the low allergen menus…they lack the drink section so it wasn’t until we were leaving that I saw beautiful bubble tea and souvenir mugs! I know my kiddo would have enjoyed that, but it was not presented to us as an option. If you go here, take BOTH menus so you can check that out.

As we were on the dining plan, the dessert was a must try. We were all excited by the stunning images of creative desserts. Why, Disney, was there not a single dessert option for a gluten free dairy free individual on that low allergen menu? Not even a dish of sorbet. And the server said “Sorry, I know you’re here to celebrate your birthday, but we don’t have a dessert for you!”. Great. So, afterward I noticed sorbet on my daughters gluten free rice pudding dish and I wondered why didn’t they just offer me that? The rice pudding was gluten free, though not dairy free. I feel like if I would have asked for the chef, they would have come up with something that the server was not aware of and this is one area where I lost out, repeatedly, during our trip. Instead of wasting my dining plan dessert, I just asked that they apply my salad to that instead. Grumble grumble. BUT all that aside, we all truly enjoyed this meal and we all recommend it if you are not in a hurry and want to laze over a nice meal in a delightfully themed restaurant.

Jungle Skipper Canteen Lunch Gluten free dairy free

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