Garden Grill Breakfast gluten free dairy free

Garden Grill Breakfast gluten free dairy free

We arrived for an early morning (pre park opening) breakfast at Garden Grill so that we could eat and then ride Soarin’ without fighting the crowds. This part of our plan worked out wonderfully and it was worth the meal just for the sake of riding Soarin’ so easily.

The server was on board with the hurry and get on Soarin’ agenda and he rushed along some initial food platters.

Our server told us he could do our platter gluten free dairy free. Now, this is where I get a little grumbly, the gluten free dairy free group was not offered a replacement of any type for the dishes of warm gooey cinnamon rolls on the table. That looked like the yummiest part of breakfast! I asked if they had any gluten free donuts, and he said they did not and that the only thing they did have was a gluten free muffin. So, upon my request, he brought us two Udi’s blueberry muffins. Not my favorite, but it’s something! The point is that if you are ordering a meal that is missing an entire section due to allergy, Disney usually CAN fill in that missing slot with something else, but odds are you will have to ask them, and most likely, ask the chef. I have found that while the servers are very well intentioned, they often don’t know all the options in the kitchen. The new focus is for the server to handle the allergy, so again, you will have to be your own advocate and with some of the servers, that felt challenging as they were very rushed with us. I noticed this especially at buffets and family style dining.

That said, I loved the sausage and my teen loved the bacon and waffles. I asked for more eggs and they brought us a ridiculous amount. They did bring a nice salsa, house made, but no breakfast potatoes to put it on. I am not a fan of tater tots for breakfast. Those didn’t get touched. The coffee was quite good!

You can see in the main food photo that they brought a large quantity of those tater tots and small amount of eggs and gluten free waffles for 2 adult eaters. If you are in a hurry for Soarin’ and you notice this, you can always ask for more of whatever item you love right away and they will be happy to help. Enjoy!

eggsGarden Grill Gluten Free Breakfast

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