Sanaa Dinner Gluten Free Dairy Free

Sanaa Dinner Gluten Free Dairy Free

We enjoyed our Sanaa dinner so much on previous visit that we had to do this again! This is a wonderful treat on the dining plan as we were able to try so many great foods. We did pay the extra for bread service, per recommendation of our server. Our server insisted we must try the bread service, even the gluten free version, as it is a house specialty. I was skeptical as I am not that impressed with the gluten free bread products in Disney, but this was quite good. The texture was thin and flat, not thick or puffy, but the flavor was nutty and nice. The different sauces to dip were all very good as well and it was fun to try. I don’t think I’ll do that again, as I already had too much food, but it was good to do once!

The server advised us as to what was dairy free and gluten free on the menu and the dining plan included a nice sampler option where I chose a shrimp dish, an aloo gobiĀ  style dish, and a third which I forget. These are served with rice. The spicy shrimp was my favorite by a long shot! One of the dishes was packed too full of soy beans and that over took all flavors, but the spicy shrimp was so delicious, I would go back and order that without hesitation.

The server brought out a layered mousse that was said to be gluten free (this surprised me, based on the photo) but not dairy free. For myself, I had mango sorbet and berries. Surprisingly, this is the most thoughtful presentation of sorbet on our trip and the berries were a nice touch. Everyone enjoyed the meal and I can, once again, recommend making the trip to Animal Kingdom Lodge to enjoy Sanaa!

sanaa gluten free dinner

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