Erin McKenna’s Bakery Cookie’s and Brownies gluten free dairy free

Erin McKenna’s Bakery Cookie’s and Brownies gluten free dairy free

Of course if we are tasting our way around Disney Spring, stops at Erin McKenna’s were a given. I was looking forward to the delightful dairy free ice cream! The texture was unique and soft serve and yum! Disappointment set in when they didn’t have ice cream on week days! NO! So, what to try? I am not a huge fan of their donuts or cupcakes. I do like their brownies, but wasn’t in a brownie mood, so I tried the cookie. I got a dipped cookie and a sandwich cookie. The sandwich cookie was two large cookies smashed together by a thick layer of mock cream cheese type frosting. It

brownie gluten free dairy free disney Erin Mckenna

was amazing! Again, the textures are so good here! It is tricky with gluten free dairy free baking to pull of that chocolate chip cookies chew, but they have mastered it. No one will know this is a gluten free dairy free cookie! I even loved the frosting filling with it’s hint of sourness, which was likely a coconut product that I was tasting. What a fun combination and a definite repeat for future visit!

Kiddo got the mocha brownie, which is always a nice treat.

The verdict is that you can’t go wrong with a stop at Erin McKenna’s gluten free dairy free soy free bakery. I always find something new to try! They even had pineapple upside down cake, but I just wasn’t hungry enough to commit to that this trip. Maybe next time!

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