Fish and Chips Gluten Free Dairy Free Cooke’s of Dublin Disney Springs

Fish and Chips Gluten Free Dairy Free Cooke’s of Dublin Disney Springs

Well, it may be a case of invasion of the body snatchers because I voluntarily ordered fried food!!! This is a shocking new development, but when I saw this walk up counter service option that was gluten free and dairy free at Disney Springs, I had to try it at least once!

Cooke’s of Dublin didn’t have long lines to order, but the wait was quite long. Even though there was only 1 person ahead of me to order, I waited about 30 minutes. There were many larger orders ahead of mine. That being said, I got a beautiful piece of white fish breaded in a rice flour champagne mixture, eliminating the gluten and dairy. The result was fantastic! The texture on this fish was near perfection. My only complaint was the overall flavor being quite bland. I recommend LOTS of lemon and salt with this fish.

The fries are fine. I am not excited over fries on a good day, and couldn’t get too worked up about them here, but the choices for those with gluten and dairy allergies are amazing. Most of the menu could be made safely, and they even had these giant cookies labeled gluten free!

I didn’t try the cookie, but I do recommend a stop at Cooke’s of Dublin. While we couldn’t find a table, we did notice many nice outdoor tables with heat lamps. This would be a lovely space to stop and enjoy a counter service meal at Disney Springs. I’m glad I tried something new!

gluten free cookie disney springs
This cookie is bigger than my hand!

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