StoryBook Dining Artist Point Gluten free Dairy Free

StoryBook Dining Artist Point Gluten free Dairy Free

We had such a fun night at the Artist Point Storybook Dining character meal with Snow White, the Evil Queen, Dopey and Grumpy. We have been to the old Artist Point several times in the past and it was a quiet retreat from the hustle of a Disney Park day. That is no longer the case. It is packed with families and very busy and fun! The characters were great and the servers friendly.

I was worried that we wouldn’t have good options here for gluten free dairy free, but it worked out. I would do one thing differently, though, if I went back. I would request the chef come to the table because my daughter was shorted some options available to her as an attempt from the kitchen to make it quick and easy by combining our allergies, even though she had more selection available. I think that would have been eliminated if we talked to the chef up front.

Appetizers were modified and for dairy free gluten free that meant the following:

The shrimp was unseasoned with a radish type vegetable. It was nice. The broth was not good. I love mushrooms, but this was very lacking without the cream base that was added. If you can have dairy, I am certain this would be much better! For my daughter, who was only modified for a gluten allergy, hers had a cream component that did look nicer. The third item was some sort of meatloaf that had a spice I couldn’t pin point. Almost a fennel flavor, which I really enjoyed. My daughter didn’t care for it. All in all, I liked trying the new flavors, which were almost “woodsy” and fit with the theme of the character meal.

For entree, we ordered 2 different items. The chicken was gluten free and dairy free and had a nice sauce, was cooked well, and filling. Nothing too exciting, but prepared well.

For the gluten free only entree, mashed potatoes were included instead of the whole potatoes shown above. My daughter ordered the prime rib dish and enjoyed it.

For me, the WINNER was having some unique dessert options, which is unheard of with a gluten free dairy free allergy. They brought out 3 items that were just to my taste, though my daughter was disappointed with the options when compared to the standard desserts that looked much more fun.

The gooseberry crisp tastes EXACTLY like my grandmother’s rhubarb crisp, so that nostalgia took me right there. The little truffle was a rich chocolate brownie, very dense. I loved it. The cup of pudding seemed to be a simple chia seed pudding, which is something I make from time to time, but never expected to find at a restaurant! For me, these were great. Again, for my teen, they were not up to her hopes and I am certain she would have been happier with ice cream and a gluten free piece of cake, but that being said, it was fun to try new things.

The last dessert was listed as gluten free, but the server didn’t bring any for my daughter, which she was sad to miss out on. They were just red chocolate hearts, pictured below.

Presentation was lacking a bit here! LOL

So, if you like to be a bit adventurous and like earthy spicy flavors, I can recommend this, but I do think talking to the chef would be helpful. I did reach out to allergy email in advance, but they gave me a generic unhelpful auto reply.

All in all, a very fun night that we will remember and if you have someone in your group who CAN eat gluten, my other daughter reports that the spatzle was great!

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