Gluten, Dairy, Soy, and Egg Free Lunches

Here is a quick look into Bean's lunchbag on any given day. Hopefully you can get some ideas for something new to add to your gluten, dairy, soy, and egg free lunchbox!
Look for thermal lunchboxes or bags that are lead free and contain options for heating or cooling storage areas within! These lively lunchboxes are sure to please.

Make a batch of Maki the day before and send these rolls, packed and chilled, for an easy and fun lunch. These serve great with a side of fruit or a thermos of gluten free miso!

Bean is loving salads for her lunches right now, which is really easy on me! I just get her a mixture of organic veggies and fruits, add a protein and serve a treat along side. Here you see a homemade gluten free brownie. She opts to skip salad dressing. Some days we add popcorn or gluten free bread with earth balance and jam.

Jambalaya, and other curry, stir fry, or rice based mixtures will travel great in the thermos. This recipe uses a variety of meats, vegetables, herbs, broth and rice. This is a wonderful choice to make for a meal, and use left over for lunches. Recipe found here.

Spaghetti soup is one of Bean's favorite lunches. It is a hearty mixture of vegetables, pasture raised beef, spices, and tomatoes. Recipe found here.

One of Bean's favorite lunches: This is a La Tortilla Factory gluten free Teff shell. I warm it briefly and then spread vegenaise on the entire inner surface while warm. This prevents the shell from breaking when rolled. Then I loaded this one with spinach and gluten free Hormel Natural Choice turkey. Sometimes I put the tomatoes inside the wrap, but this time they are served on the side (easier to eat). Also served with fresh oranges and an EnjoyLifeFoods Cocoa Loco Bar. Water to drink.

We have more options available for additions to lunches than we did 5+ years ago. This lunch includes a fresh fajita salad, utilizing leftovers from the night prior. Bean likes cabbage and cilantro in place of lettuce, but you can use whatever you like! Sides include carrots, Pirate Booty, all natural fruit roll up and Honest Kids juice.

A traditional lunch of peanut butter and jam with carrots, oranges, cookie and juice. The bread is Breads From Anna's yeast free mix made with Flax as egg replacer. The cookie is from a Gluten Free Pantry Mix. This lunch was a hit with Bean.

Sneaking in the fruit! Here I blended organic oranges with a bit of Rice Dream Vanilla ice cream and West Soy brand Rice Milk. This drink contains one large orange. Also served with a Breads From Anna Pumpkin muffin, bacon, Laura's Choice cookie (see baking page), and fresh beans.

A Tuna salad with dill on Anna's Yeast Free bread with EnviroKidz gluten free animal crackers, a tangerine cup and chips (these are corn chips, but quinoa, rice, and potato are other options for the occassional chip snack).

One of Bean's favorite lunches is pasta salad with peas. We use Veganaise for our dressing, but that does contain some soy oil. There are other options for homemade as well as commercial dressings that avoid soy. Served with salted tomatoes, apple, and Laura's Choice cookies.

Easy on mornings after a chicken and rice based dinner. Click here for basic instruction on this simple thermos lunch.

Both my girls love noodle soup with kale. It's very simple, just bring chicken stock to boil, add chopped kale, shredded carrots, and cook until kale is tender. Add noodles and turn off heat. Let sit for 5 minutes and these skinny rice noodles are cooked and ready. My youngest likes to eat the noodles with chopsticks from the thermos, then drink the broth. Top with green onion slices. Look on my food blog for other great gluten free dairy free soup recipes, here.

Here is one of Bella's lunches. She saw another child with a meat stick, and she asked me if I could get her one. So, off to the store I went. I found a clearly labeled "gluten free" turkey meat stick made in our neighboring state. I would look for gluten free, as well as MSG free, natural meat sticks from health markets. Served with this meat stick are some organic yellow carrots (for fun), apples, a nut flour brownie slice, and organic cherry applesauce.

Gluten free Spaghetti with red sauce kept warm in the thermos served with green beans, apple, and a chocolate brownie treat (Gifts From Nature Flour mix and recipe).

So this may not look great, but it is one of Bean's favorites. She ate every bite. This is our taco salad. The butter leaf lettuce has Veganaise on it (contains soy, you could use the cashew yogurt recipe from our 2 week challenge in place of the veganaise). She puts her corn chips on top (millet flat bread, quinoa chips, or a non grain such as avocado would all be good subs for corn chips). Finally, she pours her pasture raised ground beef and tomato mixture on top. Taco Salad. Certified gltuen free oatmeal cookie by Gifts From Nature, and banana.

Breakfast anyone? Bean can eat eggs, so here we have eggs kept warm in the thermos served with bacon, fresch mangos, and a Breads From Anna pumpkin muffin. If you can't use eggs, a nut yogurt would be a good protein source to add to this meal.

Gluten and dairy free hot dogs in the thermos served with corn on the cob, oranges, pineapple, and two Laura's Choice cookies with certified gluten free oats from Gifts of Nature.

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Is there a kid who doesn't like Franks and Beans? We use dairy, soy, gluten free hot dogs and beans. Banana and parboiled broccoli followed up with a chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

Bean's favorite vegetable and chicken stock soup with EnerG crackers, tangerines, cookie, and finger sandwiches.