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Disney World and Disney Cruiseline Dining October 2010: Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Captain Grille Yacht Club Late Lunch

Our first stop for a meal after travel and we were ready for some of that Disney kitchen magic! Chef Allen at the Yacht Club was our most creative chef throughout the trip. He made this beautiful gluten free pasta dish for us.

Captain Grille Yacht Club Late Lunch

He transformed the plain scoops of rice or tofu ice cream by adding a sugar candy treat on top. Bean truly enjoyed it.

Captain Grille Yacht Club Late Lunch

He took the pre packaged brownie served throughout Disney World and warmed it up for me, then added a lovely sauce. This may not seem like much, but we loved the thought he put into our meal. The end result was a delight!

Captain Grille Yacht Club Breakfast

We so enjoyed our late lunch the day prior that we came back the next morning for breakfast. I loved loved loved this dish! Chef Allen served an omelette for Bean, and this salmon and vegetable dish for myself with gluten free bread (toasted - served with dairy free butter). He also topped Bean's egg dish with a gluten free dairy free cheese. She loved it.

LeCellier Supper

I had heard again and again that we needed to try this dining establishment, so I joined those crowds who book 6 months in advance to give it a try. We started with EnerG rolls and an oil sauce for dipping (which I requested...the rolls are a little dull without it).

LeCellier Supper

I loved my salad. It was the highlight of my meal!

LeCellier Supper

Bean enjoyed steak and potatoes. She is a "grown up" on the disney dining plan for the first time this year, which means her dining choices are larger in both selection and portions.

LeCellier Supper

I had salmon with a maple glaze. The maple was too sweet for my taste with the salmon, but it was cooked nicely. My overall consensus was that while this was good, it didn't live up to the hype. I prefer Coral Reef for a sit down dinner at Epcot.

Crystal Palace Breakfast

Our family favorite is to dine at Crystal Palace for 8:05 seating, before the park opens. We so enjoy this that we make a point to do it each trip. As always, the food was amazing. I don't know the secret, but they manage to make breakfast my favorite meal of the trip time and time again. This is Bean's plate and she has a dairy free gluten free whipped topping. Who knew?

Crystal Palace Breakfast

In addition to this, they brought us rice milk and gluten free waffles.

Ohana Supper

Another restaurant we were told we just HAD to try, so on our 5th trip (or is it 6th?) we finally did it! This is another establishment that requires early reservations, which was evident by the LONG lines of hungry (and grumpy) people waiting to get in. Luckilly, we made reservations 6 months prior. The meal was a lot of fun. The chef brought Bean out this meal that was all gluten free and dairy free. We had a really nice time and I can see why people enjoy Ohana so much. Everyone is in a good mood here, and there is no rush at all. We spent nearly 2 hours at this meal and it was a great experience. The kids left with leis to wear and smiles on their faces.

Ohana Supper

Our dessert was transformed here, too. This is such a nice touch when every dining establishment serves the same brownie, ice cream and cookie (gluten free dairy free).

Hurricane Hannah - Quick Service Poolside Yacht Club Lunch

While enjoying the AMAZING pool at Yacht Club during our stay, we had quick lunches here. The low allergen choices were hot dogs or burgers with EnerG buns, safe fries, and cookie/brownie. Grapes and Carrots also available. Kid meals would come in buckets like these when they were available. We got them to take with us on the cruise!

Disney Wonder Cruise Triton's Lunch

Meals are all included when you are on the ship. We opted to eat lunch here, as it was not at all busy. My appetizer was not what I ordered, but it was fine. Dairy free and gluten free. No problem.

Disney Wonder Cruise Triton's Lunch

Bean declined the gluten free bun for her burger and fries.

Disney Wonder Cruise Triton's Lunch

My chicken dish was fine, but bland. After the truly amazing chefs at Disney World, I have been spoiled! The Cruise Line did a great job bringing safe foods, but they were pretty bland and they would have been so much better with a little sauce, spice, or oil blend.

Disney Wonder Cruise Triton's Lunch

While everyone else had strawberry shortcake and lava cake, our only option was plain rice dream or tofutti. Ok, but I paid extra for some espresso to put on top of mine...for some flavor!

Disney Wonder Cruise Animator's Palatte Supper


Disney Wonder Cruise Animator's Palatte Supper

Bean enjoyed her steak. Potato could have used something for moisture.

Disney Wonder Cruise Animator's Palatte Supper

My chicken dish was fine, but again could have used some flavor or sauce.

Disney Wonder Cruise Parrot Cay Supper

Interesting appetizer that worked for our allergies. It was also a little bland, but it was very pretty.

Disney Wonder Cruise Parrot Cay Supper

Bean really enjoyed her steak and the gravy. She doesn't get a beef gravy very often, so that was a treat for her.

Disney Wonder Cruise Parrot Cay Supper

This chicken meal was better, as the chicken had some spice rub, which I liked. The breakfasts on the boat were pretty good with plenty of fresh fruit and denver egg mixtures with or without potato. All in all, Disney World wins for best food for the gluten free dairy free crowd, but there is still AMPLE food to choose from on the cruise ship. Much more then what I pictured. There are always choices of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, hot dogs and hamburgers without buns, plus drinks. The dinners all have rice dream or tofu ice cream and EnerG rolls (though we did not receive anything to put on our rolls). There was rice milk on the ship, but it was never in a location accessible without putting someone out. The calling and letting them know in advance of our allergies didn't seem to make much of a difference. The process was still not as smoothly run as it is in Orlando, but they do a better job than most restaurants we have to choose from locally. On the Castaway Cay island, there was chicken, chips, fruit, potato salad and hot dogs to choose from.

Disney World Dining May 2010: Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Pop Century Food Court Breakfast

The chefs here have ample gluten free ingredients to pull to ensure you and/or your little ones don't go without all those fun treats. They made gluten free, dairy free Mickey waffles on a dedicated waffle iron. They also brought out pure maple syrup. They were quite good. We had rice milk to drink, and fruit on the side.

Crystal Palace Character Lunch

We ALWAYS love Crystal Palace! They do such a great job with the low allergen foods. I had some delicious salads. The rice noodle dish had gluten, but everything else on my plate was gluten free as well as dairy free. Bean's potatoes had dairy, but her other items were all dairy free/gluten free. For dessert they brought out the same fabulous gluten free dairy free brownie from previous posts (see photo below) as well as rice dream ice cream for Bean. We all enjoyed our meal, yet again.

Cape May Cafe at Beach Club Resort Character Breakfast

Our first impression of Cape May was...WOW it's LOUD and chaotic in here! It seemed that it drew an even younger crowd, overall, then Crystal Palace. Maybe that is partially because it's in a resort hotel? That aside, the food was delicous. I had potatoes and eggs with salsa and rice milk to drink. It was all very yum. Bean had eggs, meats, fruits and Mickey waffles as well as rice milk to drink. She loved her breakfast. The kids enjoyed the character interaction quite a bit, as well.

Our service left something to be desired, but it was okay. One thing to be aware of: if you are celebrating and you let your service staff know, they sometimes bring out a cupcake for celebration. The problem is that we have had multiple staff members hand our daughter regular wheat flour cupcakes. They know she has allergies, but they just don't think of it when it comes to the end of the meal and they are delivering their treat. This has happened 3 times, and none of the places offered her a low allergen dessesrt. They just left the allergen dessert at the table. This waitress said "Oh, you can't eat that, but Happy Anniversary, and you will have to write in your tip because it's not included". Yeah, really. But still, we enjoyed the meal very much and the chef was helpful and friendly. I can recommend it, and especially if your little ones want some face time with Minnie, Donald, or Goofy.

The Wave Contemporary Resort

We decided to do a late lunch here after a Magic Kingdom morning. It was an easy ride over on the monorail and a nice opportunity to cool off and eat in a quiet place. Bean had a gluten free pizza, but it was not dairy free. It was an Amys pizza. Amy's does make a good dairy free and gluten free pizza with the soy free Daiya cheese, but we just brougth enzymes for Bean for this treat. She so rarely has pizza! I had a vegetable stew that was dairy free. It was very good with nice flavors, although I should have ordered something cooler for such a hot day. For dessert, Bean had a dairy free ice cream and I had the sorbet trio (dairy free/gluten free). I truly loved the pineapple flavor, although I didn't care much for the other two. I was so full, it was more of a final tasting, which worked out fine. We enjoyed our meal. It wasn't a favorite, but I would still recommend it for anyone on dining plan 1 table service credit. It's easy to get in on short notice, and it was pretty quiet for a Disney restaurant.

Main Street Ice Cream Parlor Snack

While the options are pretty limited, they do have dairy free ice cream and root beer, so we used our snack credits and cooled off with some Toffuti vanilla ice cream floats. They were wonderful on a hot day, and quite a treat (we don't drink soda often, so a root beer float is pretty fun for the kids).

Artist Point Wilderness Lodge Dinner

We have dined here 3 or 4 times, and not really because it's our favorite. We have always been taken out to eat here by family members, which is very kind of them. I must admit, though, that 3 of the 4 times I have dined here, I did get a tummy ache. I can't figure out why, because my food does seem safe. I had a chicken dish over rice with broccolini. The vegetable was overcooked, which was disapointing, but the rice was seasoned well and the chicken was divine. I was too full for dessert, so I skipped that.

Bean had a burger with a second plate of toppings. She had a lot of fun building her burger. She loves tomatoes and pickles, so this was a good one for her. For dessert, the chef brought her the white chocolate Mickey puzzle with edible paints. She adored being able to eat that It was gluten free (may have had dairy, we did not confirm). This normally comes with 2 large cookies, so we had those sent out on a second plate and we gave those to others at the table. This dessert is very fun for the kids, very creative. Bean mixed her paint colors to expand the choices, and then she painted and signed before eating. The SteakHouse at Yacht Club had the same dessert. These are 2 table service credit meals. I thought it was good, but the atmosphere is what makes this worth more, and not the food. The food did not taste better than the food we get at Coral Reef, and that is a 1 table service choice. If you are looking for a quiet place to take a group on short notice, though, this is a nice choice.

Yachtsman Steakhouse Yacht Club Resort Dinner

First, I am not a steak fan, and I had salmon already for 3 meals, so the menu left me very little to choose from. BUT I wasn't very hungry, either. I asked the chef for dairy free pasta with olive oil and spinach. He offered a mediteranian vegetable medley over pasta, dairy free. It was delicious. It was my favorite meal of the trip! Now, these noodlels are not gluten free, but you can certainly get the same dish with gluten free noodles. I just loved it. Very simple, very satisfying. We also had rolls and I asked for balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dipping. Bean had steak, which she does love. She enjoyed the carrots and potatoes. Her mashed potatoes did contain dairy, but you could substitute for a dairy free alternate side. She enjoyed her meal, considerably. I was so craving this pasta salad, I made one the day after we got home. Yum!

Disney World Dining Oct 2009: Gluten Free and Dairy Free

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