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Gluten Free Mixes made dairy free and adapted for egg free as needed: Laura's Review

Betty Crocker

  • GF Chocolate Devils Food Cake Mix - Here is a simple, cheaper chocolate cupcake. I made 17 small chocolate muffins (filled half full, didn't round over top very much). The ingredients were simplistic, which I liked (sugar, rice, tapioca, potato, guar gum...not BHT or other artificial additives) I used Earth Balance, although coconut oil would work great for the fat in this mix. I used egg whites, although I would think it would work well with our usual flax egg replacer. Thumbs up for ease of use, simple ingredients, and yummy final product! Is it better than Pamela's or Knnicknick...hard to say, but it is a bit cheaper, and it is very good for a birthday or holiday treat! It was raved as not tasting gluten free by the family members who devoured it!

  • GF Vanilla Cake Mix - unlike the chocolate mix, this one did not wow me. To me, it was much like a homemade muffin. I am still swaying toward Pamela's for Vanilla. Granted, with some chocolate ganache frosting, it was still very good!

  • GF Brownie Mix - When cooked properly, this one is delicious! It works on it's own with earth balance butter and eggs, but it also works served Vegan with flax seed egg replacer, olive oil, and a bit of applesauce for added moisture. Note, when substituting eggs with flax, you'll need to cook the brownies longer! Gooey, tastey, everything brownies should be!
  • Bob's Red Mill

  • GF Cookie Mix - nope, not my favorite! I could taste the bean flour, and it really turned me off.

  • GF All Purpose Flour Mix - This works well as a 1 to 1 replacement for most other flours. I like to add 1/4 - 1/2 almond flour to add depth when cooking with this mix. It makes a nice breading for pan fried or baked fish/chicken as well.

  • GF Vanilla Cake Mix - A nice vanilla flavor, plenty of sugar! We use this with 50% almond flour to make a weekend pancake mix.

  • GF Hot and Tasty Breakfast Cereal - A nice warm breakfast that my girls enjoy. This one does have cornmeal. It's a nice blend of grains.

  • Pancake Mix - If you feel like you need more cornbread in your diet, then this is the product for you! We were not fans. It tastes just like cornbread, but the combination of flours left my daughter with a stomach ache. I doubt we'll even finish the bag.

  • Breads From Anna

  • Gluten Dairy Soy Corn Free Mix - This mix is always a hit. It has the texture of a nice whole grain bread. It holds up great for sandwiches or toast. Even when it doesn't turn out great, it is still very good! The flax seed egg replacer works well with this loaf, although I prefer the bread with egg.

  • Yeast Free Mix - Is it possible that I prefer the Yeast free version of Anna's bread? Yes I think I do! It is just as good, but when I bake it in the oven (instead of the bread machine I use for the above loaf) it turns out crispy on the edges and perfect with a wonderful whole grain flavor. Love this one! It also works very well with flax seed egg replacer.

    pie crust

  • Pie Crust Mix - Another hit! How can you go wrong with Anna's mixes? I use this with either olive oil or palm shortening. Both work well. This crust has a flakey and warm flavor. Love it for pies!

  • Pumpkin bread - Can you guess where this is going? Also a great and easy mixture. Works with flax egg replacer. Very dense and moist and oozing with spices and pumpkin yumminess.

  • Banana bread - Almost ditto the above review. The only thing is that I prefer this with eggs. I can taste the egg replacer with the banana bread. Very good bread, though. Moist, dense, and crisp edges.

  • Maple Muffins, Apple Muffins - Almost ditto the above review. Very good bread, nice texture. Moist, dense, and crisp edges. I prefer these the first and second day. I added a bit of additional fiber in the mix by sneaking in some gluten free whole grain (ground).
  • Gifts of Nature

  • Sandwich Bread - This mix came out moist and dense and delicious! It was great as a sandwich choice. I prefer this mix with egg, but it can work with the flax egg replacer.

  • French Loaf - A fun loaf. I like the crisp crust and soft dense middle. A great bread to serve with soups or to snack on pre meal. Best served same day as cooked and better with egg then without.

  • All Purpose Mix - There is NOTHING I have made with this mix that didn't turn out great. You really can't go wrong. The recipes they provide are all amazing. Enjoy!

  • GF Oats - I did not know there was a certified gluten free oat on the market, so when I saw this, I was pretty excited! The package explains how it is certified and I felt very comfortable with that. I made the cookie recipe on the back of the oat bag. It was a HUGE hit. I used their all purpose flour mix with this. Just the perfect oatmeal cookies.
  • Gluten Free Essentials

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix - Very good gluten, dairy, egg, and nut free mix that works with flax seed as egg replacer. Easy to put together and bake. Of the chocolate chip cookie mixes I've tried so far, this one is my favorite. I recommend it!

  • White Velvet Cake and Vanilla Frosting Mix - This does not work very well with egg replacer (see pic above), but if you opt to make it with egg replacer, try cooking in a muffin pan for better results! The taste and texture remind me of a breakfast cake, and this would make an ideal mix for coffee cake with crumbles of nuts and date sugar across the top! The frosting has a wonderful texture and it holds it's shape well. It does not have as rich of a flavor as Pamela's Frosting mix, but the texture may be preferable if you are taking this dessert to go.

  • Spice Cake - Now THIS is what I've been missing all this time! YUM! I prefer this mix with eggs, but it is so good. My daughter wanted to know how I made it? The flavor is that warm, rich, holiday delight spice combination. This cake is best when eaten within two days, as texture starts to change a bit after that time. Fabulous flavor!

  • Italian Herb and Lemon Rice Side - Here is an easy and affordable side solution for any meal. It is quick to put together and the flavor is rich. What a nice surprise! Only drawback - a bit spicy for my 4 year old.

  • Chipolte and Lim Rice Side - Another easy and affordable side solution for any meal. It is quick to put together and the flavor is spicy! This rice just BEGS for black beans and tomatoes! The adults really enjoyed it. It was a bit spicy for the kids, however.

  • Meatloaf Starter Mix Another very affordable and bright idea by Gluten Free Essentials! I used this in place of eggs or crackers in our pasture raised beef meatloaf dish. It was a hit. I always recommend adding chopped carrots and spinach to a meatloaf (sneak in those veggies!) This is great, and one package will make several 1lb meatloaves. I'm very glad that I found Gluten Free Essentials. I am really enjoying their products, prices, and ingredients!

    more Gluten Essential Reviews coming soon!

  • Gluten Free Pantry

  • White Cake - Good and works with egg replacer. Not outstanding, but a nice gluten free cake!

  • Brownies - These ones taste great after they set and cool. Add some EnjoyLifeFoods chocolate chips and pass these off as gluten brownies to your family and friends. They'll never know the difference.

  • Danielle's Chocolate Cake Cake - This was a spongey yummy chocolate cake. It lends itself well to decorating, filling with frosting, or eating plain. Best when fresh.

  • Pie Crust Mix - Yummy...oh so yummy, but what wouldn't be with 10 tablespoons of earth balance butter!? That was just SO much fat per serving size that I have a hard time recommending this one (when Breads From Anna Pie Crust uses 3/4 a cup of oil instead of 1+ cup of butter!). But it did turn out good!

  • King Arthur's

  • Chocolate Cake - Amazingly fantastic. Probably my NEW favorite chocolate cake. The mix seems expensive, but unlike some other mixes, it makes a full 24 muffins or a full 9x13 cake pan. It's rich, gooey on the top (almost brownie like on top) and a wonderful texture and flavor. We don't even bother to frost it. It's so good!
  • Knicknick

  • Chocolate Cake - Fantastic. Probably my favorite chocolate cupcake. As a cake, I have trouble getting it to cook evenly, so I always make cupcakes with this mix. A rich chocolate flavor that everyone loves.

  • Frozen Breads - We buy these from time to time. They are good. Fine, but I prefer homemade breads. I'm glad to have them available, though, when we can't get to baking.

  • Doughnuts - easy and tasty. A bit dry, but it saves me the mess of making doughnuts from scratch.

  • Pancake Mix - Yum. This is a sweet and light pancake. The taste is closer to that of a dessert than our typical morning panacke. Needles to say, it was a big hit.

  • Coating Mix - When mixed with rice milk, this mix makes a delicious gravy to serve with a one pot dish of chicken and veggies. It does contain some soy.
  • Namaste

  • Bread - This mix made a nice biscuit with the egg replacer, but it did not work as a bread. I will have to try it again with eggs. The taste was good, but I can't advise using it with egg replacer.

  • Chocolate Cake Mix - Delicious cupcakes every time. You get a lot for your price, too.

  • Brownies - I'm sure these are sinful and perfect with eggs, but they flopped with egg replacer. The flavor was good, but the liquid was just not right.

  • Say Cheez - A dairy, soy, gluten free mac and cheese? Oh my! It was allright. I was highly skeptical, as I didn't like the choice of noodle (it's no Tinkyada!) and the smell of the sauce turned me off when making it, but once it set, I ate some and I kept going back for more. It was pretty darn tasty! It would be even better when adding in some fresh veggies.

  • Cookie Mix - I made three batches of this to give it a fair run, but each batch was awful. The taste of baking soda came through very strong, the texture was brittle and thin. My girls opted to not eat them, even when I put chocolate chips in them! Not a repeat for us.
  • Pamela's

  • Vanilla Cake Mix - The mix says that this won't work without eggs. Maybe, but I guess that depends on what you consider "work". I used flax egg replacer (3 Tablespoons flax mixed with 9 Tablespoons hot water) and I used coconut milk instead of the recommended water. The result? A white-ish cake that is short, but good. I topped it with the Pamela's Vanilla Frosting Mix (very delicious, by the way!) and some store bought sprinkles. If you want a change from chocolate, this isn't too bad! It's not big and fluffy, but it certainly is vanilla cake.

  • Vanilla Frosting Mix - Delicious. This is fabulous in flavor. Great for frotsing, or for stuffing. I added a bit of confectioners sugar to mine, as it was a bit runny for my taste, but the flavor is perfect. Rich vanilla yum.

  • Chocolate Cake Mix - This is sinfully delicious. Gooey and almost brownie like, this cake gets gobbled long before we even think about frosting. Works with egg replacer.

  • Brownie Mix - Pamela has mastered chocolate desserts. This couldn't be better. We used the decedent recipe with eggs and earth balance butter...yummmm

  • White Bread Mix -Quite good with eggs (kind of flops for me with egg replacer),. It is a crisp edge and soft middle with a sweeter flavor. I have trouble using this with egg replacer. It sinks for me. It's pretty good, though. The flavor is nice. Good for soups, and toast with jam! If you can use eggs, you'll like this mix. If you can't, I can't advise it. I used bread machine rapid wheat setting with dark crust.

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